Outside of Card: You Are Legen-Dairy

Inside of Card: Blank

Scratch and Sniff: Strawberry


This card is 4.25 x 5.5 inches, digitally printed on 110lb card stock with a matte finish. The card comes with a white deep V envelope.


Do not scratch the card too much before you give it away as it uses encapsulation technique for scent. Tiny bubbles are created holding in the scent and once you release the scent through scratching it will start to fade.

The color of your card may appear slightly different than what you are viewing on your computer screen. There are many variables that play a role in the color variation from your monitor to the printed piece. A computer monitor displays a large range of colors and a printer uses CMYK process printing or “four-color printing.” Combined, these four inks produce the illusion of a full range of colors on the printed page, but the image is actually only composed of four colors.

1000 in stock

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